Carmen Neagu was quoted by NewsIn as saying “We have shown investors the performance level our power-generation equipment has reached”.

The United States ambassador in Romania, E.S. Mark Gitenstein said he hopes GE will take part in the 3 and 4 reactors project.“We are interested in bringing American technology in Romania”, the ambassador said.

The Minister of Economy, Adrian Videanu (photo) said there was no problem in attracting funds for reactors 3 and 4. “It is very important to come up with optimal solutions for the country, we must look at all the options available and make the right decision”, said Adriean Videanu.

The minister said a European Commission delegation will arrive in February-March to tackle the reactors 3 and 4 issue. The visit was initially scheduled for December last year, but it was put off for January this year and later on for February-March.

CE said it wants to know how and where exactly the reactors will be built, and then to take an official position on the project.