Mihai Petre, 30, has nine years of experience in advising local and multinational companies on direct, indirect and individual tax issues. He graduated the West University of Timisoara and is member of the Romanian Chamber of Tax Consultants and of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the UK.

His career began at Arthur Andersen and continued at KPMG, where he was extensively involved in advanced tax planning, business restructuring, cross-border transactions, customs planning and excise recovery assignments.

After the successful set-up of the KPMG Timisoara Tax practice during a 2-year secondment to Timisoara, Mihai developed a deep specialization in the customs and excise duty field.

“Similar to the Value Added Tax, customs and excise duties have to abide by the complex EU regulations and directives and case law available at European Court of Justice. A consultancy company cannot provide professional advice on customs and excise duties unless it does that on a full time basis. The important energy products and electricity consumption of the Romanian economy provides plenty of opportunities in this area. Also, such expertise is much needed during intensified audits performed by Romanian tax authorities in customs and excise areas”, Mihai Petre said, Customs and Excise Manager at Deloitte.

Ioana Lira, (photo, right) 25, began her career as Tax Assistant with KPMG in 2008, after graduating the Faculty of International Economic Relations within the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE). She has provided consultancy on both direct and indirect taxation issues with a focus on customs and excise duty.

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