The company had expected a 10% drop in sales for 2009.

If in 2008 new products accounted for 20% of total sales, in 2009, the share increased to 35%. The company’s resources focused on collection renewal, creation and design, twice the size of 2008 investment in the area.

The dwindling demand in both the local and overseas markets has drastically reduced Mobexpert production output in the trailing year.

The economic backdrop has led to sharp output drop at Mobexpert manufacturing facilities, which achieved a mere 50% of its maximum production capacity. Exports to western countries fell 30% in 2009 year-on-year.

Mobexpert had expected loss or break-even results for 2009 due to a decline in home-furnishing retailing market, coupled with frozen prices and limited production output.

“However, in a poor economic climate, the profitability wasn’t the central focus of our plans for 2009, but the adjustment of the company’s expenses to the new market conditions in a bid to go back in the positive territory as of 2010”, said Dan Sucu (photo), chairman of Mobexpert.

The company has put in place a wide-ranging set of measures aimed at mitigating the effects of the economic backdrop, such as the leasing of 14,000sqm space to third parties, cutting back on ad spending, cutting workforce by 800 persons, and steering resources to companies in the group that return profit.