OmniVServ doesn't involve additional investments in end-user’s infrastructure, but along with the constant cutting-edge technology and maximum data security, it also provides 24x7x365 availability and last, but not least, additional on-demand resources for €1 to €12.64/day.

Omnilogic together with its technology partners within this business vertical (Cisco Systems, SUN/Oracle, EMC, VMWare and CheckPoint) have issued in this first phase, a generic Web interface which will enable the potential customer to configure / reconfigure within less than 10 minutes an optimal, on-demand IT&C infrastructure solution, and in the same time, to decide on the time frame they want to use the respective solution.

"The cloud computing concept capitalizes on the IT&C resources consolidation trend by applying the virtualization policies on a wide scale. I have been advocating online services’ potential of becoming the main growth engine of IT&C business”, said Gabriel Marin, chief executive of Omnilogic.

The solution is part of cloud computing promotion initiative started by Omnilogic in South-East Europe.

“According to our business-plan, in each quarter of 2010 we shall add new products and services (infrastructure, software and business services) and all of them will be On-Demand.” Gabriel Marin added.

The company recorded a turnover of 304.2 million lei (€82.6 million), and according to recent statements of Gabriel Marin, Omnilogic’s turnover has reportedly reached 300-330 million lei (€70.7 – €77.8 million).

Omnilogic’s operating profit fell 30% in 2009 year-on-year.

Two years ago, the software maker has an after-tax profit of €915,000 and for 2009 Marin expected a net profit of 1-1.5% of turnover, namely 3-4.9 million lei (€0.7 – 1.1 million)