“The Memorandum is an extension of our strategic partnership and provides a political framework for reinforcing energy relations between the two countries. The next days, we will sign a similar Memorandum with Georgia”, said Corneliu Condrea, as quoted by NewsIn.

The director with the Ministry of Economy said the memorandum signed Tuesday in Azerbaijan with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), also addresses the possible role of Azerbaijan as an oil and gas supplier for Romania and European Union.

A delegation of the Romanian Ministry of Economy formed of representatives of Romgaz and Transgaz is on a visit this week to Azerbaijan to discuss natural gas issues and Nabucco gas pipeline project.

Vitaliy Baylarbayov, the deputy vice-president of SOCAR said on October 2 during a visit to Bucharest, that Azerbaijan Republic is willing to supply 7 billion ccm of gas for the Nabucco pipeline, and a portion of this amount could go to Romania, should the pipeline be constructed. Baylarbayov stressed that this had been only an intention and that nothing had been signed in this purpose.

Last year, Romania’s Ministry of Economy undertook a round of visits to Azerbaijan Republic, in July, September and October, where officials tackled strategic energy issues that addressed Black Sea energy security and Nabucco project.