“We decided to make top-level management change to better respond to changing market conditions. I wish to thank Claudiu for all the hard work he had put in and for his achievements”, said Dominic Bruynseels, chairman of the supervisory council of BCR Leasing IFN.

Thomas Tolazzi (photo)
held a management position at BCR in risk management.

He has been working in Romania for ten years and has an extensive experience in corporate banking, leasing and risk management.

“I will take all the necessary measures to keep sales healthy and to assure an adequate risk management”, said Thomas Tolazzi.

BCR Leasing IFN operates in Romania since 2001 as subsidiary of BCR and is held by Austrian-based Erste. The leasing company is 92.14% held by BCR, while Financiara SA holds 7.39% interest.