Romanian-based car maker posted €60.28 million (222 million lei) profit in 2008, two times lower than a year earlier when it recorded €132.5 million (442.3 million lei).

The results of the company will be presented to the shareholders of the company for approval, in the next general meeting scheduled for spring this year.

“The incorporation of Auto Chassis International Romania (ACIRO) by Automobile Dacia involves the simplification of the legal organization of Renault operations in Romania, by facilitating the management of the manufacturing of engines, gearboxes and chassis, and limiting the potential legal and administrative restrictions imposed by the Romanian economic and social framework”, the company said in the Official Gazette.

The merger operation completed last year will lead to a considerable reduction in operating costs and an increase in profitability accordingly.

Auto Chassis International Romania reported a 2009 profit of 8.06 million lei (€1.9 million), and according to data published in the Official Gazette, the company’s profit subsequent to the merger with Dacia Romania amount to 228.22 million lei (€53.9 million).

Auto Chassis Romania was established in 2002 and manufactures automotive chassis.

Dacia’s global sales increased in 2009 by 20.5% to 311.282 units, from 258,372 units a year earlier.

In Romania, Dacia sold 41,862 cars, down 50.6% from 2008.