Stocks at the Bucharest Stock Exchange suffered a mild fall on Thursday, with the five FIC (BSE:SIF) gauge BET-FI closing 0.90% lower, on a liquidity propped up by state security trades that totaled 121.34 million lei.
The liquidity at the Bucharest Stock Exchange stood at merely 13.93 million lei (€3.4 million), but bond transactions totaled 121.34 million lei (€29.5 million) after the transfer of 10.585 state securities.

BET index that gauges the performance of the ten most actively traded stocks at BSE slipped 0.13% to 5,105.43 points, while composite BET-C shed 0.33% to 2,943.70 points.

Financial investment companies (BSE:SIF) posted a marked decline today, with BET-FI index finishing 0.90% down to 28,373.90 points. Vienna’s ROTX suffered 0.14% drop to 10,277.90.

BET-XT index of the 25 most traded stocks edged down 0.47% to 512.02 points, while BET-NG of ten energy stocks moved 0.18% lower to 671.89 points.

Transactions with FIC Oltenia shares (BSE:SIF5) totaled 2.9 million lei, while stock prices decreased 0.65% to 1.54 lei, while FIC Moldova (BSE:SIF2) declined 1.47% to 1.34 lei.

In the energy sector, Rompetrol Rafinare (BSE:RRC) suffered 0.54% decline to 0.0730 lei, while Petrom held steady at 0.2690 lei/share.

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