Its assets idled at 11.06 billion lei, while the credit volume reduced 3 percent to 7.25 billion lei in 2009. Clients' deposits added 8 percent to 8.6 billion lei, NewsIn states.

The net income rose 30 percent last year to 695 million lei.

The lender counted 17 percent more individual clients at the end of last year, to 902,000 people, while the number of clients small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) doubled, to 17,000.

The bank aims to exceed the 1 million lei clients threshold in 2010 and to support medium companies as well, by offering them consultancy in financial management, said the general manager of the Romanian branch, Misu Negritoiu.

The official also mentioned ING did not send home employees in 2009 and that it plans to keep the staff in 2010 as well. Moreover, the lender expanded its network by cutting ribbon for another four units last year.

ING Bank aims to maintain the uptrend of incomes and lending this year, by keeping a cautious risk policy.