RTC Holding holds the Debenhams franchise since 2007 for Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria.

“For over 20 years, RTC focused on expanding its reach in Romania. The regional expansion has always been a top priority, but we never had the best levers to pursue our plans, like we do now: Debenhams franchise, a successful international brand. We expect the chain to operate 100 stores in 10 years and generate over half billion euro in sales. We hope other RTC divisions will follow the same path. Winning the Debehams franchise for another 11 countries is an important milestone in RTC history”, said Octavian Radu (photo) chairman of RTC group.

The entry of the brand to the 11 markets will be made as soon as the group identifies the best locations to host Debenhams stores.

“We will rather choose shopping centers, as they secure the traffic and the shopping destination we need. Debenhams fits perfectly in shopping centers, or other areas dedicated to shopping. We are in advanced talks with several landlords, so we could open up to 5 new stores this year”, said Ramona Stanciulescu, CEO Rafar, the fashion franchisee line of RTC.

In Romania, RTC is one of the five largest fashion franchisees in Romania by the number of stores.

Rafar is RTC’s business line that holds the fashion, footware and accessories franchises with 26 stores and a total area of 15,000 sqm.