The National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 4.1252 lei/euro today, 0.25% lower than Friday’s rate of 4.1357 lei versus euro.

“The leu traded softly this session against its European partner, in a stronger note in the morning, amid generally positive trend in the international markets”, Ciprian Mihai, head of Treasury, Volksbank Romania, told NewsIn.

The leu grew in the morning from 4.1320 to 4.1220 against euro, but fell to 4.13 afterwards. At 13:50, banks were buying a euro for 4.1250 lei and selling it for 4.13.

In the region, the Polish zloty grew from 3.98 to 3.9580 units/euro in the morning, the lowest rate in 13 months, but weakened afterwards to near 3.98 units/euro. The Hungarian forint moved slightly higher in a tight range today, between 269.70 and 270.90 against euro.

For the US dollar, the reference rate set by the central bank is 3.0303 lei/dollar, down 1.12% from Friday’s rate of 3.0647 lei/dollar.