McKenzie, Ursus Breweries: Online campaigns emerged as a one-night stand

Many consumer-goods companies have handled online campaigns as a “one-night stand” so far, leaving irrelevant projects online that failed to drum up any consumer interest, said Grant McKenzie, marketing vice president at Ursus Breweries.

“Online campaigns emerged so far as a one-night stand. We are not relevant in the online environment. Some people talk about our products, but don’t fall into it. Things have changed. In a year from now, I’ll be having another story to tell, we’ll take the internet tools by storm, and this should be reflected in our online presence”, said Grant McKenzie.

The marketing success will lie over the next three years on how interesting the promoted idea is rather than marketing budget.

“The internet is important, as consumers are already there; it’s crucial for the effectiveness of a marketing campaign since you have the demographics. Furthermore, Romanian internet users benefit of a higher internet speed than UK users, we are on the fifth spot in the world”, said McKenzie.

Ursus Breweries will focus more on the online marketing of its brands, by commissioning a UK agency for the project.

According to McKenzie, the company earmarked around €20 million over the past 12 months in marketing campaigns across Eastern Europe, including Romania.

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