GDF SUEZ Energy Romania pours 200mn lei in gas distribution

GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, one of the large gas companies in Romania, will invest around 200 million lei this year in its gas distribution network, according to the chief executive of the company, Bogdan Valter.
“This year investments are close to 2009 level, namely around 200 million. The amount will go to the upgrade, maintenance and expansion of gas distribution infrastructure. The exact amount will be set in the board meeting that is scheduled for mid April and is in line with the privatization agreement provisions”, said Bogdan Valter, Regulatory Affairs and Development Manager of the company.

GDF SUEZ Energy Romania (former Distrigaz Sud) earmarked 228 million lei last year in the company’s core operations, natural gas distribution, managing director David Yvonnick told NewsIn in May 2009. The company’s investments in 2008 stood at 304 million lei.

Distrigaz Sud was acquired in May 31, 2005 by the French-based Gaz de France (GDF). GDF SUEZ Energy Romania is held by French-Belgian group GDF SUEZ, after the merger between the two companies in July 2008. GDF SUEZ holds 51% interest in GDF SUEZ Energy Romania.

Distrigaz changed name to GDF SUEZ Energy Romania at the end of April 2009.

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