FICs close up 2.4%

Financial investment companies (BSE:SIF) at the Bucharest Stock Exchange finished up 2.40% today, on a market that posted slim gains at closing.

The liquidity at the stock market soared Friday to 20.56 million lei (€5.02 million), from 12.93 million lei yesterday. Bond sector generated 3.53 million lei, after the transfer of 312 state securities.

BET index that gauges the performance of the ten most actively traded stocks at BSE moved 0.46% higher, to 5,513.93 points, while composite BET-C jumped 0.60% to 3,164.45 points.

BET-FI index of the five financial investment companies gained 2.40% to 29,699.28 points, while Vienna’s ROTX increased by 0.52% to 10,911.53 points.

BET-XT index of the 25 most traded stocks climbed 1.18% to 542.45 points, while BET-NG index of ten energy stocks dropped 0.04% to 741.13 points.

Banca Transilvania (BSE:TLV) led the most traded stock chart today, with 3.68 million lei liquidity, while prices rose 1.18% to 2.25 lei. BRD SocGen held steady at 14.60 lei.

In the FIC sector (BSE:SIF), FIC Oltenia (BSE:SIF5) jumped 3.18% to 1.62 lei, FIC Moldova (BSE:SIF2) finished up 2.19% to 1.40 lei in a liquidity of 1.65 million lei.

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