Average net income drops to EUR344

The average net income fell 3.5% in January 2010, from a month earlier to 1.426 lei (€344), on lack of holiday bonuses, data from the National Institute of Statistics show.

On a year-on-year basis, the average net nominal income increased by 5.2%, while real income index remained unchanged from the same period of last year.

In December, average net income had risen 8.1% (111 lei) from November to 1,477 lei.

The average gross nominal income was 1,967 lei (€475) in January, 2.8% below December level. When compared with 1990, the buying power of average net income was 25.4% higher in January 2010, but 6.6% lower than in December 2009.

“Real income index for January 2010, calculated as a ratio between average net nominal income and consumer price index, stood at 94.9%.

In January, the best paying jobs were in airline transportation (3,184 lei, €769), and the worst-paying jobs were in clothing manufacturing (809 lei, €195).

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