In a meeting with PDL deputies, Radu Berceanu said that from a technical perspective, Romania could build 100km of highway, but the low public infrastructure budget is severely limiting the number of projects carried by the ministry.

“We had to choose between channeling the funds into urgent projects and invest more in a certain area and finish some road sections. Technically speaking, we could build a 100-km freeway section, but it would be impossible to complete 150km of highway no matter how much money we would have, since works are still in an early stage. From a financial perspective, we could finish 30-40 km if the public infrastructure budget was fully allocated to certain projects”, said Berceanu.

However, he refused to disclose any numbers, as the Government must assure the co-funding of projects carried from European funds.

“The budget is effectively managed, but as long as we have 1.2% of GDP allocated, and some countries invest around 5% in local infrastructure projects... It’s all we can do, with this money”, he pointed out.