“Even though 2009 has been a very challenging year, when almost all companies scaled back their investment plans, we have a very good feedback from the market. We are in negotiations with more than 20 companies in Romania for the implementation of our power management solution QBox, while our presence in Europe is limited to distribution partnerships”, said Razvan Copoiu (photo), CEO Q-Power.

Production capacity boost has been a priority of the company in 2009, when it steered the lion’s share of its capital to the expansion of Sibiu line, were around 4,000 thermal tubes come out the production line every month.

“After the first year of testing the market, we have identified several sectors to focus on: for example in Poland and Turkey, the biggest potential is in industry, while in the countries in the former Yugoslavia and in Russia, we will focus on thermal plants. For the time being, we’re gauging the viability of a production unit in India in Russia”, Razvan Copoiu added.

For 2010, the conglomerate’s objectives are the expansion of its distribution services in Europe and other regions such as North America and Middle East and the increase of production capacity.

“In 2010 we will focus on Russian and Indian markets, and later on, if any opportunities offered, we would expand our reach into North America and Middle East. The best option is a joint venture with a local partner that would sew up a dynamic and independent development of the business”, the CEO of Q-Power pointed out.

The company posted revenues of €2.3 million and expects to stand near €8.5 million. Q-Power plans to round out is global coverage over the next five years and expects revenues of €100 million in 2013.

Q-Power is one of RTC’s eight business lines. RTC is one of the largest retail, distribution and services conglomerate in Romania.