MKB Romexterra Bank partially recoups 2008 loss

MKB Romexterra reduced its last year’s loss by 39% last year, to 40.3 million lei (€9.5 million), after 17% drop in asset value to 2.4 billion lei (€570 million).
In 2008, the bank posted a loss of 66.35 million lei, and total assets of 2.9 billion lei.

Romexterra’s loan book decreased by a third in 2009, to 1.37 million lei from 1.82 million lei a year earlier.

Debt to customers increased by 8.4% to 1.23 million lei from 1.13 million lei in 2008.

In 2009, the bank closed 3 of its 73 outlets, while total headcount fell from 1,076 to 891.

The share capital stood at 194.4 million lei last year, 11% higher from 174.4 million lei in 2008.

Earlier this month, the chief executive of the bank Adrian Radu stepped following the end of its second term, and will be succeeded by incumbent executive VP, Dan Sandu.

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