The director of the unit, Dobra Laszlo, said the company was currently in advanced talks with companies that would handle Secuiana’s manufacturing line, following to start production in July. “For the time being, we’re in talks with companies that will handle our outsourcing. We will ship the machinery there, and they will bring the workforce. The labor is cheap, half the price of doing it here, and same with the energy costs”, Dobra Laszlo (photo) said.

Around 100 machines will be shipped to Egypt, from the currently idled park.

Secuiana Group from Targu Secuiesc is formed of Secuiana SA parent company and affiliates Seconf SA, S’mode SA and the shipping company Secuiana Trans SA, and has over 35-year experience in textile manufacture.

Last year, the company laid off 360 employees in two tranches. On April 1, 157 of the 172 workers at Seconf SA will lose their jobs, on lack of orders.

Secuiana products attracted a number of noted customers in LOHN system: Dress Master, Canda, Brax, Baumer, Hauber (Germany), Saville, Heaton, Marks&Spencer (UK), Hedex, Mexx, WE (the Netherlands), Bruno Saint Hilaire (France).