The products can be purchased for 999 lei, and come with a pack of 101 Romanian novels.

Germanos didn’t provide any details on its sales target or the number of copies available, but said it depended on the market demand.
Two months ago, representatives of Skin, distributor of iRiver Story in Romania told Wall-Street that iRiver Story sales could reach 10,000 units at least, and that until mid year, the battle will be between Kindle (the e-book reader available via Amazon) and iRiver Story.

“If the e-reader frenzy had started in 2008, iRiver Story would have been sold in tens thousand copies, as it would have been the only e-reader available in Romania. But due to the financial crisis, sales wouldn’t be that high”, said Maria Botan, category sales manager at Skin.

The gadget comes with a 2GB onboard flash memory, enough for around 1,500 ebooks and is able to take cards up to 32GB in size.

iRiver Story’s battery lasts for around 9,000 page-flips, it has a Qwerty keyboard for making notes, diary and scheduler, and a built-in speaker for listening audio books.

Germanos has a network of around 250 stores in Romania, and distributes mobile telecom services and products and accessories such as telephone sets, photo and video cameras, flash cards.