In 2009, card transactions made through the internet accounted for 1.5% (1,260,000) of total 84.4 million card payments in Romania.

Antonio Eram, founder and chief executive of Netopia Systems said it expects e-payments volume to rise 20% from 2009, exceeding the 1,500,000 payments mark, and Netopia plans to process around 30% of them.

“Considering that around 12 million cards are active in Romania and their usage rate over the internet, it will still take another nine years for every card to be used for at least one online transaction. In 2009, the average was one online transaction for ten cards”, said Antonio Eram.

The company processes through service around 80% of total mobile transactions. In October 2009, Netopia launched the online payment system mobilplay.

“The adoption rate of online card payments among small retailers has been influenced by the high fees they had to pay for very small sums of money. Mobilplay decided to encourage the segment by imposing a standard fee, regardless to the amount involved in the transaction”, said Eram.