“Apparently, the leu’s upward trend was not influenced by the news, and the trade has been rather choppy, so we think NBR may have sold a portion of the money from the IMF, but we’ll still have to look at the trading data on the NBR site to make sure”, a dealer told NewsIn.

The national currency grew in the early trade today from 4.0868 units/euro to 4.0635, but fell to 4.0750 afterwards. At 15:40 EET, banks were buying a euro for 4.0720 and selling it for 4.0770.

The National Bank of Romania set Tuesday a reference rate of 4.0736 lei/euro, down 0.37% from Monday’s rate of 4.0888 lei/euro.

In the region, the Polish zloty fell from 3.8860 to 3.9087 units against euro, but recouped afterwards to 3.8940 units/euro. The Hungarian forint dropped in the early trade from 263.50 units/euro to 265.60 but grew to 246.60 forints/euro at noon.

For the US dollar, the central bank set a reference rate of 3.0144 lei/US dollar, down 0.28% from yesterday’s rate of 3.0230 units/dollar.