However the total trading value rose today to 37.07 million lei (€9.10 million), from 31.5 million lei (€7.71 million) yesterday. Bond transactions totaled 5.72 million lei.

BET index that gauges the performance of ten most actively traded stocks closed down 1.67% to 5,883.40 while composite BET-C dropped 1.37% to 3,405.29 points.

BET-FI gauge of the five financial investment companies finished down 1.22% to 31,857.39 points, while Vienna’s ROTX decreased by 1.41% to 11,643.43 points.

BET-XT index of the 25 most traded stocks suffered 1.43% decline to 580.68 points, while BET-NG of ten energy stocks dropped 1.38% to 793.86 points.

European stock markets were showing late-day rises at BSE’s closing, after significant declines in the morning, after Fitch downgraded Portugal’s country rating.

At the London Stock Exchange, FTSE index of the leading 100 companies was moving 0.03% higher to 5,675 points, while Germany’s DAX was edging up 0.09% to 6,023 points. France’s CAC40 was increasing 0.63% to 3,953 points.

FIC Oltenia shares (BSE:SIF5) have been the most traded stocks today with a total trading value of 8.28 million lei and suffered a 2.21% correction to 1.77 lei. FIC Moldova (BSE:SIF2) declined 1.99% to 1.48 lei.