The minimum fee per order has been reduced by 60% and will be charged for any transactions carried through the stock exchanges in: Germany, Finland, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Canada, Norway, Sweden and Italy.

The new fees are 0.70% of total transaction value but not less than €20.

“We strongly believe in the potential of the Romanian market and in the convergence of emerging markets with the developed ones”, said Charlotte Van den Abeele (photo), operations manager, KBC Securities Romania.

The platform comes with two new features: Market Map – a map that keeps users abreast of the performance and trends of stock markets in USA and Europe, and of the correlation between them– and uTrade Visuals – a bimonthly technical analysis developed by KBC specialists.

The upgrade also includes an update in the trial version, hotline, personalized free trial version and a questionnaire to check users’ knowledge about the stock market.

uTrade platform was launched by KBC Securities at the end of October 2009, and enables users to trade stocks listed on 20 international markets.