Ç10 million in a new wind plant in Oravita

LC Business SRL said it planned to invest around €10 million in the construction of a new 9-megawatts wind plant in Oravita, Caras-Severin. 30% of the total cost will be covered from European funds and the remaining 70% from own resources, said the managing director of the company, Lucian Perescu.
“The wind plant should go into operation in October this year. We have all the necessary authorizations”, said Lucian Perescu.

The wind plant will boast six turbines that will generate 1.5 megawatts each.

The company will organize a pitch on April 23 to select the company that would handle the acquisition and installation of the six wind turbines. Representatives of LC Business SRL earmarked 28 million lei for the acquisition of the wind turbines.

Timisoara-based LC Business SRL was established in 2008. The administrator and chief executive of the company is Lucian Perescu, who plans to develop other renewable energy projects in the future.

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