“I took the courses of an EMBA INSEAD, and most of them were referring to the development of leadership. And I wanted to bring these information in the company, by putting in place a coaching and leadership program,” said Cristian Ionescu, country manager Coface Romania.

Apart from the €25,000 spent on coaching sessions delivered by Mihai Popa Radu, a renowned Romanian coach, the company is organizing a conference chaired by Robin Sharma, one of the international leadership gurus, that will cost the company around €100,000.

In 2009, Coface had allocated €30,000 for the collaboration with a therapist to counsel and motivate our own employees. The program started in August last year consists in running a series of personality tests at the company’s headquarters and in providing counseling on work-related problems.

The psychological counseling is one of the activities included in the “I am happy to work at Coface” program dedicated to employees. The program also includes other employee motivation activities, such as quarterly teambuilding sessions, office massage, tennis championship, or year-end parties. The average cost for an employee ranges between €450 and €600 per year. For the time being, the company has 130 employees, 15% more than a year earlier.