Romtelecom and Cosmote change corporate subscription plan

Romtelecom and Cosmote, two of the largest telecom carriers in Romania, have reshaped Convergent 1000 and Unlimited subscription plans launched in 2008, designed for companies.
“We are now coming on the market with an improved proposition for Convergent, for a price which is at least 30% lower. This product already enjoyed the interest of a significant number from our customers and we are confident that this new offer will be considered useful for more companies,” stated Vasile Voicu, Director for Product Management, Business segment, Romtelecom.

The two plans include free air minutes or unlimited airtime for fixed, mobile and fixed-mobile communication and can be tailored to meet specific needs of all corporate customers. The two companies also offer, free of charge, fixed-mobile solutions with propositions for residential customers.

“The two reshaped packages are the most competitive options on the market offering minutes in the network to be used in any direction, between fixed and mobile lines. Moreover, the customers who choose these options will benefit of the best coverage for fixed and mobile lines, of over 99% of the population,” said Gabriel Ionita, Products & Services Development Senior Manager Cosmote Romania.

Covergent 1000 is designed to meet the needs of professionals, small home offices and SMEs.

Convergent 1000 can be tailored to meet specific business needs, starting with a minimum requirement of one Romtelecom landline and two Cosmote business lines and a minimum of 1,000 monthly air minutes per each line.

With the reshape of the two propositions, the tariff per user for a Convergent 1000 package starts from €5.84/month, VAT excluded (calculation has been made for a group made of one fixed line and 2 mobiles with Cosmote Business 10).

Convergent Unlimited addresses large corporate accounts with high voice traffic volumes. The proposition can be tailored to provide flexible and cost-effective communication between fixed and mobile stations within a selected group of users and provides unlimited calls within a chosen group of fixed and mobile lines, at any given time.

The tariff per user for a Convergent Unlimited package starts from €9.17/month, VAT excluded (calculation has been made for a group made of one fixed line and 2 mobiles).

In addition, Romtelecom’s subscr'+'iption “Linie Business Tarif unic” + Convergent 1000 decreased from €10 to €7.5.

Also, Cosmote share rate plans became available for the two products, 1000 and Unlimited.

In October 2008, Romtelecom and Cosmote introduced Fixed Mobile Unlimited package for the residential segment.

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