At the end of February, 762,375 were unemployed, and the jobless rate was 8.3%, according to ANOFM.

The number of people receiving jobless benefits rose in March for the 21st straight month to a level untouched since March 2003, when 779,154 were registered as unemployed.

Of total number of jobless, 462,289 were receiving jobless benefits and the unemployment rate among women stood at 7.43%.

Broken down by counties, Vaslui leads with 15.31% unemployment rate in March, followed by Mehedinti with 14.41%, Teleorman with 13.31%, Dolj with 12.99%, Ialomita with 12.85%, Alba 12.45% and Covasna 12.23%.

In Bucharest and Ilfov, unemployment rate remains low, of 2.53% and 2.85% respectively. The lowest rates were observed in western and central counties Timis (4.5%), Bihor (6.45%) and Cluj (6.87%).