Advertisers with the biggest social media marketing budget are companies in FMCG, telecom, banking, IT and e-commerce. For the time being, the network hosts over 400 million users worldwide, and around 1 million in Romania. The number of Facebook active accounts doubled over the past three months.

“If the social site manages to keep its growth rate and users and advertisers’ interest alive, Facebook will most likely double the number of unique users by the end of the year”, Laurentiu Pop, deputy managing director of Httpol Romania told Wall-Street.

Over the past year, the ad agency handled Facebook campaigns for more than 50 customers across all industry sectors.

“We’re swamped with calls from companies asking us to handle their Facebook campaigns ranging from a simple online store to a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for a bank or for the launch of a gadget. A social media cost per click campaign on Facebook costs €2,000-€3,000 in average”, said Pop.

However, there are still companies less open to promote their services or themselves on social sites, niche companies usually.

“I don’t think that a rail manufacturing company would promote its products on Facebook. But could make a CSR campaign on Facebook though”.

The representative of Httpol refused to disclose the revenues of the social networking site in Romania or the share of Facebook-driven revenues of the ad agency.