According to US labor department, the number of jobless claims rose unexpectedly last week, a rise that could reflect the seasonal volatility before Easter.

At the equity markets in Bucharest, total trading value dropped to 27.03 million lei (€6.61 million), from 43.63 million lei (€10.67 million) yesterday.

BET index that gauges the performance of ten most actively traded stocks at BSE gave up 1.88% to 6,017.38 points, while composite BET-C dropped 1.79% to 3,587.18 points.

BET-FI gauge of the five financial investment companies (BSE:SIF) suffered the steepest decline today, of 3.11% and closed at 32,134.68 points. Vienna’s ROTX also fell 1.85% to 12,129.50 points.

BET-XT index of the 25 most traded stocks dropped 2.29% to 599.47 points, while BET-NG gauge of ten energy stocks declined 0.99% to 822.15 points.

Shares of financial investment companies, BRD and Petrom have been the most traded stocks today. FIC Oltenia (BSE:SIF5) had a total trade value of 4.03 million lei while stock prices dropped 3.11% to 1.87 lei, FIC Banat Crisana (BSE:SIF1) fell 2.99% to 1.62 lei.

In the banking sector, BRD SocGen (BSE:BRD) slumped 3.14% to 15.40 lei, while Banca Transilvania (BSE:TLV) closed down 1.71% to 2.30 lei.

Petrom (BSE:SNP) closed flat at 0.3640 lei.