He added that Toshiba’s market share in the notebook market had reached 10%. The computer-maker’s rivals in Romania are Acer, Asus, Lenovo and Dell.

“Year-to-date sales are 25% below year-ago level, given the massive clearance sales in the first quarter 2009 for the computers shipped in 2008. Sales declined across entire product range, except for the new entry lineup”, said Lucian Condruz (photo) sales director at Toshiba Romania.

Consumer segment accounted for 80% of Toshiba’s sales in the first quarter, while the corporate segment accounted for 20%, and the public sector.

As for the buying venue of choice, online stores and supermarkets/hypermarkets account for 20% each. The remaining 60% of sales are made through electronic retailers such as Altex, Domo and Flamingo.