E-learning manager: one of the most wanted job in the future

E-learning manager, or the employee responsible for the design and development of e-learning courseware, will make the top of the new most-wanted training and education occupations list of companies, said Adriana Tiron Tudor, Professor Dr of Babes Bolyai University, at the Romania eGovernment Forum.
“If we look at the e-learning market, the demand for courses has increased markedly, and the demand for administrators of online learning management system, or e-learning managers, accordingly”, said Tiron Tudor.

The responsibilities of an e-learning manager vary according to the organizational requirements and to the set of particular skills he will be using in the design and administration of the e-learning system.

For example, an e-learning manager should be proficient in the use of MS Word – to be able to create reports and documentation – MS Excel – to interpret and analyze information – MS Outlook – to efficiently manage internal and external communication – MS PowerPoint – to produce materials to support training events.

An e-learning manager is in fact, a key member of the in-house training team that takes up a part of the traditional trainers’ tasks and turns them into easy-to-retain electronic information.

E-learning, 43-times cheaper than classic training

“The difference between classic learning costs and electronic learning costs is substantial. While classic learning averages €870/student, e-learning costs only €20/student”, said Ion Roceanu, Director of the Advanced Distributed Learning Department, “Carol I” National Defence University.

Limiting time and space resources, the accuracy of the information, as well as facilitating long-distance communication contribute to the reduction in cost-per-employee in case of e-learning systems.

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