Policolor added a new washable paint lineup based on silver ion technology to its Spor products range.

“The new lineup, the first in a new generation of washable paints for interior surfaces, will be one of the growth drivers in the market”, the company said.

According to a MEMRB study, Policolor had the biggest market share in April-September 2009 period, namely 23.4% of the local paint industry. In the washable paint segment, Policolor grabbed a 21.6% share according to the same study. Spor lineup had 17% share of interior surfaces washable paint segment.

Policolor is the largest manufacturer of varnish and paints, with 40-year experience in the field. The group aims at becoming the leading provider of resins and paints in south-eastern Europe.

Policolor is an affiliate of Romanian Investment Fund, RC2 and Romanian Reconstruction Ltd. In 1998, Policolor acquired 51% in Orgachim, the largest paint manufacturer in Bulgaria.