Icelandic ash to blanket N-W Romania

The National Weather Administration and the International Aviation Safety Association said the ash cloud from the volcanic eruption in Iceland will not have a direct impact on Romania, but is expected to reach the north-west region on Saturday, April 17.
"The National Weather Administration briefed this morning the Ministry of Environment on the projected trajectory of the ash from Eyjafjallajokull volcano that erupted for the second time yesterday, April 17, 2010. Data from the National Weather Administration and Volcanic Ash Advisory Center suggest that the volcanic ash will not affect Romania directly, but will reach the north-western region of the country on Saturday, April 17", Ministry of Environment said in a press release.

Environment officials said that the environmental agencies in Bihor, Maramures, Satu Mare and Suceava will monitor air quality and measure PM10 concentrations on a constant basis, both automatically and manually.

35 flights from and to Romanian Henri Coanda airport have been disrupted, because of the drifting ash cloud that blanketed the airspace. Another 5 flights from Cluj, Sibiu and Timisoara have been cancelled.

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