Romanian online advertising market, one step closer to maturity

Media groups, interactive ad agencies and online companies AdEvolution, Apropo Media, ARBOinteractive, Digital Ads, F5, Intact Interactive, InternetCorp, Neogen, Sanoma Hearst Romania and Splendid Interactive agreed on the adoption of a set of conventions aimed at providing a unified framework on performance marketing management practices on all the websites they publish and/or act on behalf of when selling ad spaces.
The move comes as a response to the impressive growth in internet usage, the penetration rate already passing the 60% mark in the urban areas, according to the Romanian Audit Bureau of Circulation. The internet is thus the only medium that offers advertisers not only brand advertising (like TV, radio, print media, or outdoor), but enables them to interact directly with their customers and clients, a method specific to online advertising that needs a unifying code of practices, according to the signers of the new set of guidelines.

They plan to develop and promote to advertisers interested in performance marketing solutions campaigns built on the following set of standards:
  • The exclusive usage of in-text ad systems, attached or not to a graphic image, display ads shall be used exclusively to meet branding and reach needs and raise awareness. The two set of objectives as defined by advertisers (brand awareness and performance) shall be clearly marked off through the promotion means employed and pricing system imposed (cost-per-click / cost-per-lead / cost-per-action / cost-per-sale, respectiv cost-per-thousand).
  • The recommendation of the initiative group is to use graphic images of the product or service being promoted (the logo of the advertiser shall be added only in exceptional circumstances) that shall contain a message to urge the viewers to take an immediate action (call-to-action) and determine them to click on the in-page bubble and learn more about the product or service being offered, which would increase efficiency and response rate.
  • The sale of ad space shall be made under run-of-network system and /or run-of-category system (the distribution of ads to a defined set of web sites that have similarity in their content), thus encouraging keywords, or demographics-based ad targeting, in order to raise click rate and improve the effectiveness of online campaigns accordingly, both in the interest of publishers, media agencies and chiefly of customers.
The list of guidelines established by the aforementioned companies remains open to new suggestions as well as to other publishers, media groups, interactive advertising agencies, digital agencies to join as well as to customers wishing to help the market move closer to a mature level.

Also, the board of IAB Romania said “it plans to set a working group to study and draw recommendations and practices in this field. IAB Romania encourages the self-regulation initiatives of the online advertising industry that pave the way for the development and maturity of the industry”, the company said in a press release.

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