“It took one year to make ourselves heard in Austria, but right now, things are moving as planned. We expect to recover our investments in Austria in 2012, even though it is very likely to break even as soon as next year”, said Adrian Florea, managing partner Trend Consult.

In 2008, the training services provider, made its first move into a foreign market, after opening an office in Austria, which cost the company around €300,000.

Earlier this year, the company said it opened in Poland its second office in foreign markets. The investment in Poland office stood at €150,000. Trend Consult holds 70% in the foreign office, the rest being held by a local investor.

“Poland office is only at the beginning and now we’re working out a business plan”, said Florea.

The largest staff training companies in Romania are Ascendis, UBD, TMI, Human Invest, For People, Trend Consult and Interact.