IAB study points to a hefty 53% growth in 2009 compared to 2007 and a moderate 3% growth in H1 2009 versus H2 2008.

In the first half 2009, when total ad revenues stood at 25.5 million lei, the market slumped 25% year-on-year weighed down by lower ad budget. In the second half, the study indicates a 3% increase y-o-y, ad revenues reaching 39.7 million lei, 56% above first-half level.

The beginning of 2009 saw average monthly values for the ad industry hovering near 3-5 million lei. The first signs of recovery became visible in September 2009, when the market rose 52% compared with the trailing month, from 3.9 million lei to 5.8 million lei. The upward trend continued for the remainder of the year, and in December, monthly ad revenues peaked 9 million lei.

"The second-half 2009 ROADS study suggests that the advertising market has found its path to recovery, and in 2010, we can even expect a growth from last year values", said Cristian Petriceanu, Chairman IAB Romania.

"The latest edition of ROADS highlights that the worst of recession for the Romanian advertising industry is over, as the market gained strength since the second half last year, which is pretty remarkable given the poor economic conditions. Furthermore, the study marks a record participation, with as many as 18 online media companies providing their ad sales figures, compared to 14 in the first half 2009", said Ruxandra Bandila, Marketing, Communications and Business Development Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers Romania.