16,741 government securities worth €45 million changed hands today through 12 separate transactions. Expressed in lei, the total trade value of government securities is 185.15 million lei.

"However, the downgrade of Greece's debt rating to junk sparked a massive sell-off of more risky holdings, as investors are now looking at safer bets, such as fixed-instruments securities, like bonds and treasury notes. In general, state securities are sold by banks, and the counterparts can be banks, pension funds, PE funds or institutional investors", Gabriel Necula, deputy operations director at Prime Transaction, told Wall-Street.

B1403A state bonds series mature in March 2014 have been the most traded today, with a total value of 87 million lei registered at closing.

State bonds mature in June 2017, October 2012 or April 2015 have also been on the spotlight today.