A significant amount of projects are suffering of lack of quality, delays and cost-overruns, which is due to the absence of best practice approaches and standards to efficiently manage the development process from inception to completion.

“One of the main reasons for cost overruns during the construction process, is the lack of diligence and risk assessment provided at the outset of the Project, where Development budgets were under-estimated with very limited or no contingencies and provisional sums for works, which have not been designed to the necessary level of detail”, said Resul Kilic (photo), Head of Project Management & Building Consultancy.

A problem we have identified in a number of Projects, both residential and offices, is the installation of sun-blinds to north-facing windows. This is a typical design mistake, which can easily be avoided and cost savings made, if more diligence and care is applied at an early Project stage.

“In our performance audit of a number of Projects ranging from office, residential, industrial and retail, we have estimated an average waste of cost ranging from 10-15%, due to lack of efforts put in to the design, lack of skilled labour and leadership. Hence, there is a significant potential to decrease costs in the construction sector in Romania, if developers work towards a more quality driven agenda with the focus on the customer and placing project teams, which work towards a common goal, and not individual goals”, Resul Kilic continued.

King Sturge began its activities in Romania in 2000 and opened a wholly owned office in Bucharest in 2006.

Resul’s professional career started in Architecture in Germany turning to Project Management working in Ireland prior to his move to Romania and has a combined experience of 10 years in architecture, project /development management and building consultancy.