Romania will sign the Memorandum together with Malta, Poland, Belgium, Denmark and Luxembourg. Romania is among EU countries with the highest traffic accidents rate.

“The signing of the Memorandum confirms the Government’s need of consolidating the national and European cooperation, be it public authorities, car manufacturers, or mobile telecommunication companies that can bring us closer to the introduction of a system that can save human lives”, said the minister Gabriel Sandu (photo).

eCall is an automatic emergency call service, used in case of road accidents via the single Europeam emergency call number – 112.

In case of a severe accident, the occupants in the vehicles from any European country, can dial 112 in order to establish a voice connection with the nearest answering point. At the same time, a minimum set of incident data will be sent to the eCall operator receiving the voice call.

The availability of the incident data speeds up emergency service response by 50% in the rural areas and by 40% in the urban areas. According to the estimates, the implementation of the eCall action plan would save up to 2,500 lives annually in Europe, and reduce the number of secondary road accidents.