When buying a home, the buyer has the right of requesting a detailed inspection of the apartment. This will let you know what needs to be improved and help you negotiate a lower price or even ask the owner to make the necessary repairs.

“Home inspection provides the client with a descr'+'iption of the condition of the home and examines those items that require extensive repairs, items which he wouldn’t normally notice. And the full responsibility for any improper building practice lies with the developer”, said Raluca Laudoniu (photo) Head of Building Surveying, Colliers International.

Home inspection ca be performed by a real estate consultant, who makes a thorough examination of the physical structure and systems of the house and analyzes all those items that need repair works in the presence of the developer. The home inspector conducts all the property measurements or surveys with the help of a laser targeting rangefinder, and all the deficiencies and problems uncovered during the examination are photographed and based on them, the inspector prepares the report and delivers it to the owner.

The first item checked by the inspector is whether the information in the cadastral survey matches the actual location, dimension and value of the property. The inspector then checks the finishing, heating systems, electrical systems, potential improper building practices, or incomplete works, as well as items that might need improvement in the future.

“Most often, inspectors find problems in measurements mismatch, screed inclination, bulging floor boards, improper electrical connections and wiring, unsafe sockets, unearthed and undersized fuse” Colliers consultant said.

Energy efficiency is another aspect assessed by the home inspector, who checks the joints between various construction elements of the roof, and identifies areas of energy waste, as well as improper execution works.