The study carried by B&P Brandivia and GfK Romania analyzed the differences and similarities between the consumers of a certain category of products or services, how communities are built around brands and what are the factors that influence them.

“People are very often interested in social connections that derive from their affiliation to a certain brand than in the brand itself, or in its purely rational or functional features. To build a brand and nurture powerful brand communities, companies must think not only about the individual needs, but more on the consumer’s social needs. The success of a brand lies in the way it can build and nurture powerful consumer communities”, said Cosmin Alexandru, managing partner B&P Brandivia.

Coca-Cola leads the table with the strongest brand community, followed at narrow margin by Milka and Jacobs Kronung. The majority of brands in the top 10 are in the FMCG sector, with only 3 of them in the coffee and chocolate segment. The only exceptions are the country’s largest telecom carriers – Orange on fourth and Vodafone on tenth.

Automotive and financial brands are in the second part of the list, with Dacia leading the auto sector (21st), and BCR the financial sector (24th).

Coca-Cola outranked Milka and Jacobs Kronung largely due to a stronger notoriety of the logo, of events, or stories the brand is involved in: 28% of the surveyed remember events related to the brand, and 22% of them can speak of personal experiences in which the brand played an important role. On the other hand, Jacobs Kronung scored the highest in retaining members in the community – 25% of the surveyed would try to discourage people who want to stop using the brand.

The only 100% Romanian brand in the top 10 is Poiana that joined the rank straight to no 6, with a lower attachment and identification with the consumer community than Milka, as well as lower notoriety of the slogan and logo.

The same survey was carried out in the first half of the year in Hungary by B&P Braun & Partners Hungary and GfK Hungary and analyzed the most powerful brands in the neighboring country.