The telecom carrier posted a customer base of 9,730,000 versus 9,663,000 in December and 9,588,650 at the end of March 2009. At the end of the fiscal year, postpaid customers accounted for 38% and prepaid for 62%.

Operating profit dropped 25% in 2009-2010 fiscal year, from €527 million to €396 million. EBITDA margin reached 43% this financial year.

“At the end of a challenging year, in which the entire economy was impacted by the crisis, our results show a 20% drop in revenues compared to the previous financial year, following the downwards trend of the entire telecommunications industry in Romania. However, our efficiency oriented strategy helped us to maintain a high EBITDA margin, only 3% lower than last year. This allowed us to continue to invest significantly in Romania, a recent example being the launch of 3G services in the 900 MHz frequency. We are pleased that, in a year of economic downturn, we managed to contribute to the digitization of the country and to the future growth, offering our users a high speed mobile Internet network available at national level”, said Liliana Solomon, Vodafone Romania CEO.

Average revenue per user (ARPU) reached €7.7 per month. At the end of 2009, ARPU stood at €8.1. Mobile ARPU consolidated for the same period was €7.6, as compared to € 9.7 in the previous year, corresponding to a 21.1% decrease on the year

Orange, the largest telecom carrier had around 10.80 million customers, while Cosmote, the third largest reported a 7.15 million customer base at the end of first quarter.