German company to undertake traffic study in Arad

A consulting firm based in Germany, selected after a global tender, has been commissioned to undertake traffic studies in Arad to identify solutions to minimize traffic-related restraints in the border area, as part of a cross-border project involving authorities in Arad and Bekes (Hungary).

The authorities in Arad said the traffic and impact studies, for which the Romanian party is responsible, will be undertaken by Brenner Ingenieurgesellschaft Mbh, a German-based consulting, planning and engineering company for urban and regional transport planning, public transport development, traffic control and management and traffic infrastructure engineering. The chief executive of the German company said the traffic study would be carried in four stages and the transport master plan in six months.

Brenner explained that in the first stages of the traffic study, the team would establish a database on traffic data and would carry out traffic measurements. Still in the first stage, the team will collect feedback from the residents to determine population mobility, as well as from a cross-section of the car drivers. In the second stage, the company will carry an analysis of the existent transportation and traffic in Arad. The third stage will involve the evaluation of different scenarios by means of traffic assignment and traffic simulation in order to identify traffic calming measures and rehabilitation works.

The municipal administration of Arad added that in June it would undertake traffic measurements in 100 intersections and 500 road sections in Arad.

“The existent cooperation relations between Arad and Gyula have expanded reach and diversified into a variety of economic fields: economic, social, cultural, sports, administrative and others. The current road network of the two cities is far from being developed enough to meet the growing mobility needs”, said Levente Bognar, deputy mayor of Arad.

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