The National Union of Road Carriers in Romania (UNTRR) has called on Romanian authorities to implement Info Traffic systems in the vehicles according to the European model, and said this measure would enhance road safety.
“Considering that Info Traffic systems are available across EU nations, UNTRR is thus calling on Romanian authorities to ensure a smooth implementation of the in-car Info Traffic system in Romania”.

Carriers said the European Info Traffic systems with RDS technology (Radio Data Systems) and TMC (Traffic Management Channel) are extremely necessary for the operations of road carriers and proposes a multi-stage implementation of the intelligent traffic management technology of the road system.

In the first stage, Info Traffic system is based on FM radio broadcasts of all information on traffic problems in the vicinity collected from Traffic Police, and Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) – regarding road accidents or blockades that hold up the traffic in the area.

The implementation also requires a close collaboration with the National Weather Administration (INMH) in the event of special weather conditions (heavy fog, floods, heavy snowfalls, hailstorms).

The second stage of the Traffic Management Channel involves an efficient use of the navigation system by displaying information made available in the first stage and that gives the driver the option to take alternative routes to avoid traffic incidents

“The implementation of an in-car traffic management system following the European model will increase road safety and improve the efficiency of the operations of road carriers that face tight regulations in terms of driving time and are also put under extreme pressure from the fierce competition at a European level”, road carriers said.

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