Austrian-based Hodlmayr International has been commissioned to ship 56,000 cars manufactured by Dacia to seven countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France (northern France – Lille, Nancy), Serbia, Montenegro.
A part of the cars will be shipped to overseas department through Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Amsterdam seaports.

Of total 56,000 shipments, 27,000 will be shipped by rail, as it reduces transit time and is a environmentally friendly alternative.

“According to latest estimates, rail freight shipping from Pitesti to Tongeren generates a reduction in CO2 emissions by 11,100 tons, the equivalent of 11.7 kilometers of road transport”, said Johannes Hodlmayr, spokesperson of Hödlmayr International AG.

Since most of the heavy equipment is shipped by rail instead of car, the transit time has been reduced significantly, while the impact on environment has been reduced by the equivalent of 100 trucks/week. As for freight delivery time, it has been reduced from 11 to 7 days.

Three railroad cars will do Romania and HN HN Autotransport, subsidiary of Hodlmayr in Tongeren, Belgiu where cars will be shipped by trucks to all dealerships across Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

The partners of the Austrian company for this international freight transport are the French-based Touax, Hungarian Logistics Specialists Raabersped, part of Rail Cargo Austria and the Austrian Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo.

The Austrian group has an office in Romania, Hoedlmayr-Lazar Romania, in Bascov, Arges county, a joint venture between Hodlmayr International and International Lazar Company that was established in 2002.

Hodlmayr has logistic centers in 13 countries and ships around 750,000 cars annually, the company recording revenues of €150 million in 150 million in 2009.

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