The board members of the Bucharest Stock Exchange agreed to list the shares of the stock exchange on Tuesday, June 8, Mircea Botta, vice president of BSE told Wall-Street.
After getting the BSE Council approval for the operation, the actual listing of the institution’s shares is only one week away.

However, the institution will not go public through an IPO, but a secondary sale offering, which will enable the institution gain capitalization and new issuer.

The Bucharest Stock Exchange is the central component of the BSE group, which includes the Central Depository, Bucharest Clearing House, Investors Clearing Fund, and the Institute of Corporate Governance. The first three are 66.80%, 52.51% and 56.93% respectively held by BSE.

BSE’s total revenues dropped 17.5% year-on-year in 2009 and 45.9% YoY in 2008, largely due to the decline in annual trade value.

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