Patriciu continues expansion, opens two more stores retailer, held by Dinu Patriciu, will open two more stores in Bucharest, on Fainari street, District 2 and on Foisorului street, District 3, one week after the opening of two other stores.
One of the two units will be located on Fainari street, at no. 170, and the other one on Foisorului Street, at no 107A-109, said Retail company held by Amsterdam-registered Mercadia Holland.

No more than one week ago, the company held by Dinu Patriciu announced the opening of two units located on Iancului street, District 2, and on Huedin Alley, District 4, Bucharest.

Four other outlets are underway: on Iuliu Maniu boulevard, No. 16; on Latea Gheorghe street, No.9; Raul Doamnei, No. 8 and on Iuliu Maniu boulevard, No. 109. has its head office on Mircea Eliade boulevard, District 1, and Mercadia Holland is represented by Ionescu Nicolae.

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