“Government’s announcement of wage-cutting measures on a Friday night, has been immediately reflected in the following week’s numbers, namely 40% drop in sales. We have a very clear image on the consumer’s mindset and attitudes, and stores’ promotional offers are only desperate means to upkeep consumption”, Bergenbier chief executive said at a seminar organized by Ziarul Financiar daily.

Mihai Ghyka (photo)
said Romania recorded in 2009 the biggest drop in consumption in the region, of 15-20%, being outpaced only by Ukraine which is not even a Member State. “We’re seeing the biggest declines in consumption and this is a consequence of Romanians’ concerns for tomorrow”, said the head of Bergenbier.

Consumer-products market suffered a two-digit decline across the board – Romanians bought 20% less soap and 25% less toothpaste – the only sector that recorded a significant advance was the movie industry – 40%.