HP: Converged infrastructure solutions can save up to nine times a companys costs

Hewelett Packard, one of world’s largest PC-makers, has unveiled its HP Integrity suite that establishes a simplified, efficient and automated converged server and can reduce a company’s costs by nine times, according to Mark Payne, senior vice president business critical systems EMEA.
Present in Romania for the launch of Converged Infrastructure suite, Payne explained what is the next step in technology.

“Converged infrastructure is a concept that brings all components in an IT system under one roof, from servers, and storage solutions to network components and administration software. The solution we are launching today in the local market is practically a platform for our future operations and marks the beginning of a new era in the tech industry”, Payne said.

The architecture of the new solutions enables clients to breaks down manual processes and technology silos and to bring together all IT resources into adaptive pools of assets that can be shared by many applications and managed as a service.

The new Integrity portfolio includes servers, software apps and services that provide an infrastructure reliability of up to 450% compared to previous equipment generations.

“The launch of the new solutions comes as a response to the growing market demand of simplifying activity and improving performance, at low costs. Depending on the analysis of a company’s infrastructure, HP specialists can recommend the upgrade of IT infrastructure or its replacement, that can deliver up to 9 times savings in costs”, said Alexandru Ion, business critical servers category manager HP Romania.

According to the company, these solutions can be adapted at any company, be it a large or a small company.

“For the time being, we’re in talks with large customers in Romania and we are running IT infrastructure consolidation programs with a part of them. The main reason companies implement our converged infrastructure solution rests to the significant cost savings they can produce. Moreover, despite the economic crisis, I have seen that companies still invest in IT”, said Ion.

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